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No medical aesthetic treatment should be taken lightly, and to provide you with all of the necessary tools to make the best decisions, at Skin Revive we put great emphasis and consideration into communication for all patients, through all stages of their care. Communication is the simple concept behind our state-of-the-art digital imaging tool. Through the use of photography and specialised computer resources, you can actually preview achievable non surgical results with your designated doctor before any treatment takes place.

A simple process taking only a few minutes, your picture will be captured on to a computer by a digital camera. Our digital imaging software will then modify the full colour image on screen to reflect the changes you desire, and your designated doctor will then discuss with you how those changes may be achieved through non surgerical treatments.

At Skin Revive we use digital imaging mostly for facial imaging, such as for patients interested in a face, neck lift, or nose job. Imaging is a valuable tool providing patients with realistic expectations and allowing greater peace of mind. Used as part of a two-way discussion where your doctor can gain a greater sense of your aspirations, and he can better explain to you achievable outcomes. Imaging is about communication, and in cosmetic medicine,  communication is an indispensable tool.
It is important to note that digital imaging is a simulation of what our doctors consider non surgically feasible, but it is by no means a guarantee “blue print” of surgical results as all patients and their individual characteristics and care needs vary.

With the perfect blend of power and elegance, our facial visualiser takes the consultations to the highest levels. Discover for yourself why so many people consider Skin Revive as the place to go for non surgical cosmetic consultation and treatment.

How accurate is computer imaging in predicting the treatment outcome?
Our doctors take great pride and effort in producing an imaging result that can accurately depict a plausible result based on each patient's individual anatomy. The doctors try to err on the conservative side. This helps ensure that patient's expectation does not become too high.

This teenage male requested the nasal bump to be less visible. Patient expectations were surpassed when the actual result proved better than what was expected by the computer.

A teen male with a natural appearance as a result of non surgical rhinoplasty with Radiesse Dermal Filler
Facial Visualiser
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After Treatment
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