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At Skin Revive™, all treatments are performed by highly-trained medical professionals. Treatments are provided by experienced and qualified medical doctors.

Since founding our first clinic in 2007, he has helped thousands of people improve their appearance and confidence. He provides the most advanced and safe non-surgical treatments that are clinically tried and tested. 

Our medical doctors

Dr Jerome Ebomapoko Santiesteban supervises and provides the majority of all non surgical facial and body rejuvenation treatments. Regardless is profile, he still enjoys seeing new faces.

"As founder of the British Society for Hyperhidrosis, I make sure that all our doctors are registered with the most relevant government regulatory bodies and I personally oversee the training of all our doctors and medical aestheticians. Skin Revive Clinics provide a safe and welcoming environment for anyone considering a cosmetic treatment."

Professional Affiliations and Memberships
• General Medical Council
• British Medical Association
• British  Society for Hyperhidrosis
• European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology
• World Society of Anti Aging Medicine
• International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics

Publications to come:
• British  Medical Journal "Botox - More than just a cosmetic treatment"
• Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics "Excessive Sweating Control"
• Books:
Cosmedicology Series "Youth in a Syringe"
Cosmedicology Series "Botulinum Toxin"
Cosmedicology Series "Facial Fillers"
Cosmedicology Series "Sclerotherapy"
Cosmedicology Series "Chemical Skin Peels"
Cosmedicology Series "Dermaroller"

Medical Aesthetitians
All aestheticians are fully qualified and have also received extensive specialist training in caring for medical aesthetic patients and associated treatments. Our training is constantly reviewed and accepted as being of the highest standard by the health authorities that register all of Skin Revive clinics.

Your Care Coordinator is the person that will be with you during every step of your experience. This could also be your cosmetic doctor. From your initial consultation through to your treatment they are utterly dedicated to ensuring that you are always fully informed, completely prepared and happy with your decisions. They are here for you at all times and pride themselves on being approachable, friendly, caring and always have your best interests at heart.
Medical Staff
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