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The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel in making the decision that’s right for you. Download these two guides to learn more or even better, why don't you attend one of our free seminars with live demonstrations.

  • Evaluating an Aesthetic Provider (pdf)

  • Guide to Skin Revive Services (pfdf)

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Our free consultation is mandatory. Skin Revive cannot prescribe or make recommendations to you with out an evaluation. We ask all of our prospective patients to come interview us and ask us their questions. In our conversation with you, we’ll examine your skin and determine how we can help you. While not everyone is a candidate for our treatments, each of you deserves to a thorough review of your challenges.

Patients experience the most satisfaction from a cosmetic procedure, such as a BOTOX® treatment, when they have a good idea of what to expect. Although the routine may vary slightly from doctor to doctor, the typical process is outlined below. The following information about the day of your appointment and the preparation for the procedure will help you be fully prepared for your treatment.

Plan Ahead

  • One way to prepare for your doctor’s visit is to do as much research about your desired treatment and the available treatments as you can. You can start by reading the related website page covering your treatment of choice. It’s full of in-depth, reliable, and balanced information.

  • First, gather information on all the treatments you use or used or had. These treatments could be spa treatments, cosmetic surgery, medical treatment, non surgical cosmetic treatments or “alternative” remedies. Think about how these products have worked, or not worked, for you. Make a list of these treatments along with information about their level of effectiveness.

  • When you arrive at the clinic for a treatment, you will first be asked to fill out patient information form. Then you will meet with your doctor to discuss your expectations for the procedure. At this time, it is important to be honest about any allergies or other conditions that may not make you a good candidate for the treatment.

  • You and your doctor will talk about your motivations and expectations. Doctor explains what is the best treatment to fulfil your needs and also clarify what are the pro and cons. To help make your doctor's visit more productive, You can download and complete your patient information form and hand it to your doctor once you arrive at the clinic.

Skin Revive Philosophy

  • Every individual deserves to get the very best from their skin and body.
  • Patients should have a doctor as a first point of contact to directly discuss all issues that maters to them.
  • Our aim is to offer procedures that have no down time, no side effects, minimally invasive, painless and effective.
  • We make every effort to make our non-surgical cosmetic treatments to be accessible, affordable, advanced and accredited.
  • Our 5 minutes promise, we will always do our best to see you within the first 5 minutes of your appointment.

We strive to be the expert resource for women and men who need information or procedures to help make their body and skin look better, last longer and feel great. We remain current with the latest techniques and treatments available to provide safe procedures for our patients.

Preparing Your Consultation
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